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LCV Gases and Hydrogen

Special long flame burner for process gas

Special long flame burner for process gas

ESA is provided of the necessary know-how to use Low Chalories Value (LCV) fuels: biogas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, syngas, flare gas…as the result of various industrial or waste recovery processes, with special designed burners with capacities from 50kW up to 5MW.

Multifuel BFG burners

Application sample: BFG(@ 700KCal)- LPG-Oxygen Hybrid burners 1,2 MW

Multifuel Burner

Application test: BFG(@800KCal, 300 C°),Hot Air (400C°), NG, ENM-NxT burners up to 4MW

The exploitation of these gases, which are all featured by high hydrogen concentrations, not only represents an opportunity for energy savings, as they were previously burnt into special torches, but also indicates a realistic way to the progressive de-fossilization of combustion. As a matter of facts, under the name of “hydromethane” it is today meant  the addition of hydrogen in the natural gas network in various percentages in order to reduce emissions.

Experiences that are only at an early stage in other sectors, are alteady a reality into industrial combustion, at least for ESA, wheich has already experienced and sold burners for this mixture in various concentrations.

Hydromethane flame with medium velocity burner EMB

Hydromethane flame with medium velocity burner EMB

ESA is able to use these various fuels efficiently thanks to the synergistic use of many abilities:

  • The know-how in the design of burners for direct and indirect heating, with specific combustion nozzles for LCV fuels.
  • the design of fuel feeding skids, regulation and control management,
  • the  collaboration with the mothercompany SIAD ,  which has many years of experience in hydrogen  (i.e : SIAD today operates a 30 Km long hydrogen-duct ) as well as with the SIAD Gas Laboratory, which allows chemical and physical analysis of special gases and production of mixtures according to on-demand composition.

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