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Multihead Burners

ESA Multihead Nozzle Mix burner

ESA Multihead Nozzle Mix burner

One of our more “cross-sectoral” combustion philosophies concerns high-capacity burners (with potential up to 40 MW).
Mainly used in the process industry, in post-combustion, incineration, in melting furnaces for metal recycling, these burners are most often made up of a single large engineered unit.
We instead propose the use of burners made up of the coupling, within a single housing, of several flame pipes of lower power.
First of all, it is a solution that has the great advantage of a radically shorter flame length, which can be engineered and adapted to different oven geometries.
Secondly, unparalleled flexibility is obtained, being able to adapt the burner power to the various process phases or to different load volumes, being able to operate the individual flame tubes independently, with the advantage of always working in stoichiometric conditions, with substantial savings of energy and relative reduction of NOx and CO emissions.
Finally, multi-mouth burners are normally cheaper than individually designed solutions, since they consist mainly of standard components, manufactured in batches and which often use cast components..

ESA Oxy Fuel multihead burner 20 MW

Oxy Fuel High Turbulence multihead burner 20 MW

ESA Multihead Medium Velocity Burner

ESA Multihead Medium Velocity Burner

Multitunnel long flame burner

Multitunnel long flame burner

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