Some of the technologies developed by our company are exclusive and covered by patents.
At the moment our company has registered the following:

Pressure-transmitter  Patent Nr. IT1268539 for a displaying, transmitting and field-totalizing instrument, a microprocessor-operated transducer-receiver of positive or negative differential pressures as well as a transmitter of current signals which can be sent through a double-wire connection to other remote devices such as electronic pressure or flow rate regulators, electronic pressure switches, pressure or flow rate indicators, flow rate totalizes, recorders.
Immagine2 Utility Model Nr. 259843 for a linear burners flange which includes a Venturi mixer providing higher security (no premixed lines) and less piping job.
ribbon with air valve Pending patent for an individual burner regulation system: method for using proportional air valve and obtaining maximum receipt flexibility in direct fired furnaces.
Self Recuperative Burner with new ejector World Patent N° WO2018083559 for Self Recuperative burner: This system will provide our self recuperative Technology a big jump providing 5% more efficiency, and Ultra Low NOx level of emissions.
Plug In Recuperator with patented Flow Gas Recirculation device Patent Pending for New Flue Gas Recirculation system

News & Events

ESA will be exhibiting at HEAT TREAT 2021 trade fair!

ESA will be exhibiting at HEAT TREAT 2021 trade fair!From 14 to 16 September 2021 ESA will participate in the HEAT TREAT fair through its American dealer Olsträd dedicated to heat treatment technologies, [more]

ESA will be exhibiting at OMC 2021 trade fair!

ESA will be exhibiting at OMC 2021 trade fair!From 28 to 30 September 2021 ESA will participate in the fair OMC dedicated to Oil & Gas technologies, in Ravenna, Italy. Come and visit [more]


NEW CSA CERTIFICATION FOR ESA ESTRO-POESA obtained the CSA certification for ESA ESTRO-PO v. 2.2 (grey box) in permanent operation and not, for USA and Canada. The ESA ESTRO-PO v. [more]


2021 PRICE INCREASESDear Sirs We hereby inform you that the prices reserved for you will undergo variations. The increases in the costs of raw materials, now widespread worldwide, [more]