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Lean Gas Exploitation

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In various types of industrial processes, especially in metallurgy, pyrolysis, waste treatment… it is normal to obtain as a byproduct, gases and gas mixtures in which hydrocarbons are present in limited percentages and so with low calorific capacity: blast furnace gas, coke gas, syngas….are common examples .

The absence of an appropriate technology that justifies the investment for their use, has so far led to release these gases into the atmosphere, with enormous waste of energy and related greenhouse gas emissions.

Multifuel BFG burners
Application sample: BFG(@ 700KCal)- LPG-Oxygen High Turbulence Hybrid burners 1,2 MW
Multifuel Burner
Application test: BFG(@800KCal, 300 C°),Hot Air (400C°), Ch4, high turbulence hybrid burners 4MW

ESA is able to supply this technology which can drastically lower the economy threshold when using these fuels.
This result is the product of the synergetic use of various elements:

- Our know-how in designing hybrid burners with specific nozzle turbulence characteristics.
- Our advanced electronic burners’ ignition and permanent flame detection controls
- Double control, electronic and pneumatic, of the combustion ratio to ensure continuous stoichiometry.
- Our experience in the design of skid mounted feeding lines and automation software, allowing maximum flexibility in the joint use of various gases, correct sizing pipelines, possibility to enrich lean gas with oxygen or other gases to compensate variations in the calorimetry of lean fuels compounds.
- The possibility to effect quick analysis of the mixes and gas, or even their replication,  thanks to the cooperation  with SIAD Group
The economical and ecological advantages of these technologies are immediate and easily perceivable.

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