Esa & Sustainability

Esa & Sustainability

The photo above shows Bergamo, the city of origin of ESA.
For us it is a splendid place that pushes us to commit ourselves personally to preserve it!
As explained above, our mission is precisely the development of sustainable combustion technologies and their global diffusion to most customers possible.
Our solutions drastically reduce consumption and emissions of fossil fuels, contributing to the reduction of Co2, NOx, SOx, soot…
Already today, supplying a mix of heat recovery technologies and of carbon-neutral fuels (hydromethane, green source oxygen, liquid biofuels ..) we can, through our customers, contribute substantially to achieving the objectives set by the “Green new deal” of the European Community until 2030.
While for the future, we have already identified the research areas that will allow us to supply solutions able to reach the ambitious goal of “net of green house emissions” combustion by 2050.
With this in mind, we support and advocate, also at the level of italian: CICOF, ANIMA. and european CECOF, IFRF, associations:
– the use of the Energy Efficiency Certificates, which allows the reduction of the payback times of the investments, with the public funds support, a mechanism that has financed several installations effectively across Europe.
– efficient functioning of the “ETS” (Emission, Trading System) mechanisms, with the progressive reduction of free titiele assignments and its progressive expansion to a wider basis of subjects.
To better qualify our vocation for global awareness, we have developed the brand, “NxT”, which distinguishes our best performing products in terms of high energy savings and reduced emissions.



In addition to helping our customers with our technologies, we are directly committed to reducing energy consumption and emissions as well as creating a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly place to work, also by virtue of the code of ethics and the ethic system of SIAD group.
We have tehrefore developed a brand that characterizes our interventions in this area


In addition to obviously operating in full compliance with the laws, we are therefore always ready
– to anticipate the terms of any regulatory changes
– to use redundancy criteria, that is investing in technologies and / or adopting measures that are not required from a legislative point of view but which we believe are functional to our purposes.
– to be open to even very small iniziatives that nonethelss can improve our lifes.
in this sense we have carried out the following interventions:

2012: installation of a photovoltaic system that has allowed significant energy savings and emissions.
2013: thermal insulation of offices , with considerable energy savings.
2014 and 2015: removal of eternit/asbesto from the roofs of our sheds, well in advance of the legal deadlines.
2017: we have completed the separate waste collection system
2018: we have become a cardio-protected company with a defibrillator.
2019 we replaced the traditional lamps with the led ones.
2019 invested in safety stairs for access to roofs.

News & Events


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