ESA, Our Mission

ESA, Our Mission

ESA is positioned in the combustion market with a unique formula, the result of Group culture and a united and motivated team of specialists. The Corporate “Mission” is devoted to the development of “Planet friendly” combustion technologies and generates coherent strategies that pursue the creation of value in every function and company of the Group.
Production aims at vertical integration, based on the joint design of products, processes and organizational roles according to concepts of modularity and interoperability supported by a cutting-edge Group ERP and PLN and a cloud-based mainframe.
It’s a fact we are the only burner manufacturer that boasts simultaneously departments of electronics, welding and metal working, automation and software, refractory production.
This allows us to easily customize our offer, keep costs, consistency and delivery times under control
Marketing aims to build a complete and diversified line of products and services, finalized to combustion requirements, but never competing with our customers, the furnace manufacturers,  which, on the opposite, can find from one single responsible a complete coordinated and innovative customized solution.
Research and development is open to World trends (energy transition, HEE regulations, new technologies….) and featured by specific drivers, such as our Test Center, our multisectorial presence, the intra-group synergies on Hydrogen and carbon neutral gases, the attention to every element (burners, tools, egineering …) of our offer. Factors that allow ESA to be highly responsive and original in its solutions in which each element cooperates synergistically to the final result.

News & Events


ANNUNCIO AZIENDALEIt is with great pleasure we welcome Herrn Wolfgang Klein into ESA Group!!! Wolfgang has extensive experience into industrial combustion solutions having worked for more [more]

ESA will be exhibiting at ADIPEC 2021 trade fair

ESA will be exhibiting at ADIPEC 2021 trade fairFrom 15 to 18 November 2021 we will participate in the ADIPEC fair, come and visit us at stand [more]

Hydrogen test on regenerative burners

Hydrogen test on regenerative burnersOne pair of ESA REGE-6-NxT regenerative burners (the most efficient series of High Temperature air/fuel burners) was configured to use H2/NG mixture with a [more]

ESA will be exhibiting at ECOMONDO 2021 trade fair

ESA will be exhibiting at ECOMONDO 2021 trade fairFrom 26 to 29 October 2021 ESA will be present at the ECOMONDO fair at the stand of our SIAD MI Group. Come visit! HALL [more]