Automation Software

Automation Software

ESA software automation sample, sequence of synoptic interfaces

In addition to the design and planning stages of the combustion plants and the development of their hardware platform, ESA offers the development of the automation software on most common PLC , synoptic interface, remote control.

Fundamental for the drafting of an efficient management program, is the clear understanding of the functioning logic and of its goals ( i.e. safety, ratio regulation, process data acquisition…) characteristics of the hardware instruments and of course, the needs of the customer.

For this reason, our software engineers, as well as being specialized in combustion plants, electronic instruments and fluid dynamics, collaborate closely with the designers during the development phase and with the operators during testing and commissioning phase.

The final result from one hand consists in the perfect transposition of the management and control logic into the code, from the other in the intuitive and interactive representation of the process, both on an exclusive support device (dedicated control panel, touchscreen, console…) or integrated with the customer general furnace control software.

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ESA will be exhibiting at ADIPEC 2021 trade fair

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ESA will be exhibiting at ECOMONDO 2021 trade fair

ESA will be exhibiting at ECOMONDO 2021 trade fairFrom 26 to 29 October 2021 ESA will be present at the ECOMONDO fair at the stand of our SIAD MI Group. Come visit! HALL [more]