Solutions for Radiant Tubes

Solutions for Radiant Tubes

ESA is at the forefront in the design of combustion solutions for Radiant tubes in various profiles such as “Single ended”, “P” ,“double P”.“U”, “W”,
The aim of the radiant tubes is the to transfer heat to the load only via irradiation. Regardless of their shape, the functioning principle is however always the same: the combustion fumes generated by the burner are conveyed through the tube allowing heat exchange. In this way there is no contact between the flames and the material in the furnace.
The radiant tubes are in fact normally used in applications in which it is necessary for the furnace atmosphere to remain stable and without chemical changes.
Their functioning principle is enhanced by the use of special burners:

– the RT staged buner series (E3900) for “U ” and ” W” type radiant tubes
– the REKO-NXT-SIK-RT series (E3901RN) high speed autorecuperative burners for “single ended”, ” P ” and “double P” profile radiant tubes.
All the above burners are featured by extremely low soot emission, which is the main cause affecting radiant tube functionality.

Coil Galvanizing furnace revamping

ESA Radiant Tube solution in Coil Galvanizing vertical furnace

double P radiant tubes Radiant Tubes ESA Pyronics

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