Electronic devices

Flame control devices that operate in permanent mode and according to the EN746 Norm, flowmeters, air/gas ratio regulators, temperature and pressure regulators, transformers and ignition electrodes: we have been developing and testing hardware and various technically advanced electronic components in our laboratories for more than twenty years. These components have been developed for detection, control, safety, regulation and process automatic control.
A fundamental characteristic is the possibility of being able to be controlled both locally as well as manually, automatically and remotely besides, obviously fully complying with the Norms.

  Bull. Description Series Rev.  
E7000 Specification on how to choose and use flame sensor FLAME SENSOR 01 - 06/97
E7001 High sensibility probes UV-2 02 - 01/00
E7003 ESA UV-2 cheking device for permanent operation ESA SHUTTER SHR 01 - 04/18
E7014P Permanent operation microprocessor burner control ESA ESTRO-PO 02 - 05/17
E7015 Serial gateway for ESA ESTRO and ESA REFLAM ESA BRIDGE & EXP-3 03 - 01/17
E7019 Thermoregulator and air/gas ratio regulator ESA TARC-II 01 - 06/02
E7021 Permanent operation microprocessor burner control device ESA GENIO-S 01 - 05/15
E7022 Permanent operation microprocessor burner control device ESA GENIO-PRS 01 - 05/15
E7061 Communication parameter programmer ESA PROG-1 02 - 09/16
E7081 Serial communication interface for ESA ESTRO ESA ECS-DRIVER 02 - 08/16
E7104 Serial converter for ESA ESTRO and ESA REFLAM ESA PLEX-COM1 03 - 11/15
E7105 Multizone serial for ESA ESTRO flame control ESA PLEX-STD 02 - 01/16
E7108 Pulse Firing controller for ESA ESTRO and ESA REFLAM ESA PLEX-PULSE 01 - 12/16
E7210 Flow rate and pressure transmitter ESA PT II 03 - 01/17
E7220 Portable differential pressure gauge ESA DPG-E 02 - 10/15
E7301 Electric servomotor ESA SERIO TPF 01 - 05/14
E7802 Burner control and flame detector for permanent and not-permanent operation ESA REFLAM-H 01 - 04/17

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