Food and bakery

Food and bakery

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As the Expo just concluded in Milano explained us , only modern industrial technologies allow to feed in sustainable manner a increasingly populated and urbanized planet. ESA is in position to provide his contribute in this challenge , offering deeply innovative products

premixed linear flame ribbon Burner

Our “ Ribbon burners” , particularly,  heavily contribute to the performance of cooking processes, thanks to a exclusive  patented technology based on two main points: the permanent penumatic individual regulation and the integrated mixing, which in respect of competitors products offer:

- More sustainability: by reducing fuel consumptions.
- More safety : by reducing CO emissions as well as the risks connected to managing of premix.
- Less TCO: by reducing piping, costs, commissioning and set up times.
- More quality: by reducing soot into the oven thanks to unmatched level of fine tuning of minimum fire position,
- More flexibility: thanks to the widest turndown in the industry, it becomes possibile use the oven for more products and recepits.

ESA ribbon burners are sold in 5 models and various configurations:

Ribbon Burner family of products

AB : the basic model, thanks to universal flange will allow fast replacement of the obsolete models of competitors!
ABM : with integrated mixer and permaenent pneumatic regulation to reach maximale Productivity and susteinability.
ABM 3 zone : allows furthermore to adjust the falme power in 3 different zones, correcting so heat losses along the oven borders.
ABM infrared: a metallic fiber network insure maximum radiation heat .
ABM Packaged: integrate a blower and the flalme control, are so pefetcs for small applications as it will be mo more rquested air pipelines

Another burner commonly used in food market is the monoblock burner FC that, thanks to integrated blower and to continuous air feeding, it is possible to adjust acting only on gas line. The shape of the metallic cone and the contiuous air flow allow to obtain low temperatures required by industrial food cooking in various applications.

Metallic Cone buner FC

Also the radiant tubes in various design with their related burners (RT model or Self Recuperative Reko RT) can effectively used in many food applications .
For a correct sizing and designing, it will be necessary the hep of our engineering dep..

our location in Italy is a great advantage in acquiring vast and unique experience in this field.
The focus on food quality and taste have always been part of our tradition and always characterize our industrial supply.
So during the years we have collected  an uncountable number of references and applications with leading national and international manufacturers in di in the production of bread, pizza, cookies, baked goods, as well as in the area of ​​frozen goods.
You, potential customers, have the possibility to take advantage of our expertise to be different from the rest, earn more and contribute to feeding the world in a better way

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