The best 10 pharmacy in Italy to buy ED medicines

The best 10 pharmacy in Italy to buy ED medicines

When a pharmaceutical company is looking for a new molecule, it develops 10-20 different versions simultaneously. This process can take several years. That is why the result is so expensive. But many companies simply copy the ready-made formula and produce the same drug but under a different name. These drugs are called generics, they cost several times less, and you can buy them in many online pharmacies.

Farmacia Internazionale Barberini (Rank: 3.0) | Piazza Barberini, 49, 00187 Roma RM, Italy | +39 06 487 1195

  • Outstanding services. Unparalleled customer service. This is the business model to follow for prescriptions and home health needs.
  • Farmacia Internazionale Barberini department needs to train its workers on the customer service side. They are rude and unprofessional. When a customer is telling you the brand and mg. their doctor has told them, then the customer service rep. The pharmacy should not act as though the customer is stupid and saying something unreasonable. I have a BA and two Masters, so I am far from stupid. My next complaint will be directly with the manager. This has happened more than once with a different person in that department. This is one of the main reasons I have started to transition my medications to Walgreen.

ED Means Pharmacy (Rank: 4.6)

  • ED Means pharmacy made me feel that they were incompetent to accurately provide any bit of good service. Everyone seemed disorganized except the lady working the drive-thru window. I was told if I wait, it’d be 15 min. About 45 min later, they inform me they don’t have one of the four prescriptions. And they had not started working on any of them. Said they’d call another Walgreens to see if they have prescriptions in stock. Another 30 min later, they still haven’t finished filling the prescriptions that they have in stock and tell me they’re out of not only one, but two of the prescriptions and still haven’t filled what they do have in stock. Very unprofessional. And I haven’t seen the first smile from any of them even though I smile each time I speak to them. Rude. And the line for the pharmacy is now 11 people deep, with three sitting in the waiting area. Highly disappointed and dissatisfied, and they aren’t considerate at time constraints as I have to be to work in a different town.
  • I drop off a prescription for pain meds (Injured my finger play ball over the weekend), and they called me an hour later to tell me they can’t fill the script because I hadn’t had this particular type of meds this year. If you can go elsewhere… by all means, DO SO!

Pharmacy Cola Di Rienzo (Rank: 3.8) | Via Cola di Rienzo, 213/215, 00193 Roma RM, Italy | +39 06 324 3130

  • After eye surgery, they messed up in more ways than I want to explain. Didn’t get my meds and dealt with severe pain and swelling. Just to be told to look it up when I was blinded by a rude worker. Not happy.
  • Every time I use this Pharmacy Cola Di Rienzo pharmacy, it is slow, everyone seems confused, and there are 1-2 people sitting in the back on their phone. It would save me time to buy my stuff at Target and just go to another pharmacy.

International Pharmacy Capranica (Rank: 4.4) | Piazza Capranica, 96, 00186 Roma RM, Italy | +39 06 679 4680

  • International Pharmacy Capranica has got to be the worse pharmacy I have ever seen. My work has it, so I only can use them, so they will get all my complaints. I transfer just one of my prescriptions there, and now they have to get authorization.
  • Been going here since I moved here 8 years ago. A little pricy on somethings. And always, pharmacists don’t offer much help and are out for super long lunches!

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