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Bull. Description Series Rev.  
00 ESA R&D Test Center Brochure
00 ESA General Catalog Brochure Product Catalog Brochure
A01 Melting furnaces – copper holding furnaces Application
A02 Pre-assembled burners according to the customer’s need Application
A03 Infrared burners Application
A04 Melting furnaces – aluminium holding furnaces Application
A05 High-speed – recuperative burners Application
A06 Radiant tubes Application
A07 Sanitary fittings baking furnaces Application
A08 Gas decompressing system – pre-mixing lines Application
A09 Frit melting furnaces Application
A10 Foodstuff ovens Application
A11 Natural gas and the glass industry Application
A12 Natural gas and the mechanical industry Application
M001 Fundamental cumbustion principles Manual
M002 Venturi and orifice functioning Manual
M003 Atmospheric mixers Manual
M004 Proportional mixers Manual
M005 Nozzles and tips Manual
M006 Nozzle-mixing burners Manual
M007 Combustion air Manual
M008 Basic information about fuel oils Manual
M009 Infrared burners Manual
T01 Length Table
T02 Area Table
T03 Volume Table
T04 Mass Table
T05 Pressure Table
T06 Work, energy, heat and enthalpy Table
T07 Power (mechanical, electric and thermal) Table
T08 Velocity Table
T09 Flow rate in volume Table
T10 Other conversion factors for non SI units Table
T11 Viscosity Table
T12 Conversion inches-millimeters Table
T13 Correction factors for sizing gas valves Table
T14 Commercial gas features Table
T15 NOx Density Table
T16 Thermal properties of air at elevated temperatures Table

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