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Clean Oil Combustion

Despite the progressive replacement of oil burnes by natural gas burners, thanks mostly to NG grid development, in some countries/locations, the Oil is still largerly used. In several situations furthermore, oil burners have an important back up role,  where for any reason the NG source may stop. ESA, is among the two/three companies in the world marketing complete solutions  to use oil, in a clean and efficient way, not only using  traditional cold air burners but also usuing  oxygen or regenerative technologies. To use light or also heavy oils means to cope with viscosity, ignition and heating problems which implies specific competence and ability to provide a complete solution. ESA offers all of this:

  • Test  furnace facilities permamently equipped with fuel tanks and provided of SO4 analyzer
  • Engineering ability to develop air pumping and feeding stations and fuel atomizing systems
Oil Skids
Oil pumping Stations
  • Combustion air/oil pneumatic regulators (RFG)  which insure permanent  stoichiometry also using oil
Oil Air pneumatic regulator RFG Dual fuel burners
  • Extensive know how  in the use of ignition  rod or pilots, and in the flame detection
  • Cold air Burners  dedicated to oil, or dual ( NG/OIL), hot air burners, oxy-oil burners and rgenerative burners for jheavy oil solutions

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