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Pulse Firing Logic

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Pulse Firing logic is an example of how, in ESA, innovation not only is based on technologies for mechanical products but extends to our whole offer.
The technique is applied in furnaces that are divided in zones and/or in the presence of a high number of burners. When, due to certain needs, the heat requested by the process is below the maximum furnace heat capacity, it is possible to use a specific software to convert the heating capacity in a sequence of ignition cycles (on/off or min./max) , the single burners to take better advantage of the efficiency in correspondence to the maximum combustion ratio (high fire position).

In other words, needing, for example 50% of the furnace heat capacity instead of making all the burners work together at 50% of their power (in excess air, and therefore semi optimal conditions), you can work with 50% of the burners operating at 100% using a specific physical and temporal ignition and shut down sequence, and so on.

“Pulse firing” requires a range of special products, first of all the Plex com pulse board, which function is to manage the software by connecting both with general supervisor or, where this is not present, with the  “ESA pulse display ” device (as shown above into the control panel)  in local set up.

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