ESA Combustion Centre

F7 fixed test furnace 4MW


The furnace is used to test long flame burners, burners with roof radiant tubes, radiant burners with capacity up to 4 MW. It is fed by natural gas, LPG, various producers’ gases (COG, BFG…) or diesel. It is provided with 6 cooled peepholes for inspection.

  • Size of combustion chamber: 8000 x 2200 x 2000 H
  • N° 1 front slot for burner Ø 950 with air inlet DN400 (4 MW max).
  • N° 1 roof top slot for burner Ø 600 with air inlet DN200 (1000 KW max).
  • N° 2 front slots for regenerative burners Ø 950 with air inlet DN400 (4 MW max).
  • Maximum combustion chamber temperature: 1300 °C.
  • Maximum preheated air temperature: 600 °C. The preheated air temperature regulation is indipendent from furnace temperature
  • Tube bundle heat exchanger + additional heater.
  • N° 12 water cooling tubes with evaporation towers having a maximum absorption of 1200 KW.
  • Combustion air blower with maximum air flow Qmax = 4000 Nm3/h @ 500 °C.
  • Combustion flue extractor with maximum flow of Qmax = 4000 Nm3/h @ 250 °C (for regenerative burners).
  • Portable smoke analyzers TESTO 350XL for various gases (O2, CO and NO/NOx).
  • N° 6 thermocouples “S” series (4 on the furnace wall and 2 on the roof).
  • Measurement of the flow of air and gas through POP-US calibrated flanges (see data sheet E5719).
  • Supervisor camera.
  • Automatic control of the pressure in the combustion chamber (via chimney or extractor).
  • Mobile front panel installed on rails. Possibility of having various slots for burners by replacing into frontal furnace wall.

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