Refractory Block Service

Refractory Block Service

The correct design and the construction quality of a refractory block for burners are crucial elements to achieve the most appropriate flame shape, stability and the maximum heat transfer.

Thus, not only  the design is important, but it is also essential to use proper construction techniques to ensure long product life and reduce maintenance costs due to possible cracks and breakages.

The construction phase indeed has a strong impact on the porosity, the elasticity, the hardness of the ceramic. These are all parameters that determine the resistance of the block to the various heating and cooling cycles, the chemical reactivity of the atmosphere of the furnace as well as the mechanical resistance to the fuel jet and the actual flame.

Our refractory department provides a fast, accurate and highly professional service in dealing with each stage:

- Choice of the best suppliers of raw materials in the chemical composition and content of alumina.
- Mixing with industrial equipment specifications.
- Annealing and  drying with automatic furnace that allows high repeatability and monitoring of the temperature and humidity parameters.

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