Gas skids and Gas Trains

Gas skids and Gas Trains

We design, manufacture, assemble, decompression and feeding lines skid-mounted.
We have experience in managing any kind of fluid: natural gas, LPG, oxygen, fuel oil, Hydrogen, various types of lean/producer gases (blast furnace gas, coke oven gas …) in various capacities, pressures and temperatures.

We are also highly specialized in automation, developing both the hardware elements (sensors, actuators, paintings, plc) or the software internally.
Systems, hardware and software components are designed in accordance with applicable regulations (PED, ATEX, EN746, SIL etc …) and the level of security required.

We have acquired specific experience and skills on the Oxy Fuel skids  thanks to synergies with the Group SIAD.

All assembly and welding is performed internally in the Manufacturing department according to ISO.
We guarantee highly sophisticated technological solutions and unparalleled building quality, as well as seamless physical and functional integration in your process.
Construction options are available for harsh environments (salinity, sand, explosive atmosphere..)

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