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Electronic & Software Laboratory

ESA ESTRO Electronic Laboratory

This is the structure where components and engineering innovation take places
In the electronic lab we have concentrated the design and development of new hardware and software solutions

It therefore deals with:
•Design and assembly of electrical and electronic equipment: flame controls, sensors, actuators etc
•Customized automation projects of gas feeding skids with management of software, safety and control.
•Manufacturing of control panels and related electric wiring diagrams using our own software.
•Software Interface Design: design and development of control panels and touchscreen.
•PLC programming
•Configuring communication protocols, networking and operating systems.
•Selection and control of components supplied by the market.

All are fundamental aspects in the modern management of power, control, ignition & combustion systems.

The laboratory carries out tests of all the components in actual conditions using various instruments for testing and analysis such as:
•Test bench of communication between PLC and flame control devices.
•Ignition test bench for UV sensors
•Climatic chamber
•Calibration and programming equipment.

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