Esa & Sustainability

Esa & Sustainability

The above photo shows our town, Bergamo.
You will surely agree that it is a beautiful place and therefore understand why we feel personally committed to preserve it!


The aim of our work is in fact the “sustainability “ of it. Our solutions drastically reduce fuel consumption and emissions of fossil fuels, contributing to environmental improvement as indicated by the Kyoto protocol. To better qualify our vocation to global awareness, we have developed a brand that distinguishes our better performing products: NxT .
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Furthermore, we are directly committed to an energy consumption and emissions reduction project , as well as to the building up of a sound and healthy work enviromental.
At this aim:

-in 2012 we installaed a photovoltaic system on our workshop roof that has so far allowed for significant energy saving and atmospheric emissions.
-in 2013 we invested in the thermoacoustic insulation of our offices by a external coating
-in 2014 and 2015 we have completed the erasing of asbesto from the roofs of all our prenises, largerly before law expiry time.

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