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ESA India

ESA India Manger And Staff

In August 2014 ESA Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. with Headquarters in Pune Maharashtra in India, joined our Group.
The company  is 100% ESA owned, ISO 9001 certified, and managed by extremely experienced staff. ESA India:
- manufactures under lycense and standard ESA: burners, accessories, instruments


- designs and assembles gas trains on skid, also having WPS certified welders . Particular skills have been gained with NH mixing stations for bell annealing furnaces, NG lines, light and heavy Oil skids, oxy fuel, low chalories gases.
- takes care of automation logic, hardware and software

Skids and automation manufacturing
Certified Welders _Wps

- programs ESA Estro and Genio BCU , expansion boards, and various electronic and  communication  devices
- provides technical and installation services

ESA India Electronic department

- In may 2016 it obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
- In August 2018 obtained PED certification

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